Samantha Eaton


The Writer


writer -

1. a peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books.

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The Insatiable Hunger of Trees

Cara Hughes doesn’t have time to believe in monsters.

When her sister, Shelby, walked into the woods a year ago and never came out, Cara buried herself in school, work, and volunteering with foster kittens. But when Shelby returns home in the midst of a wave of sightings of a strange creature, Cara finds herself working with the least likely person possible, Lucas Powell, to unravel the mysteries surrounding her sister’s disappearance and reappearance.

Soon after Shelby’s return, a string of gruesome deaths occur in the woods, sending the county into a panic. Cara must work with Lucas to find the truth about what Shelby brought back from wherever she went, and that means opening her mind to Lucas’ theories about supernatural creatures.

The deeper the two get, the clearer the truth becomes. There are monsters out there, and sometimes they look like us.


Something Bright & Out of Place

Aster Taylor pours her soul into punk music. Sebastian LeFebvre sold his soul for it.

Seventeen year old Aster joined her best friend’s band as an outlet for the anxiety and intrusive thoughts that plague her. But when she finally overcomes her fear to take the stage, a new and more dangerous threat watches from the audience.

Sebastian sold his soul to the Devil hoping his band would finally break free of Maine’s tiny music scene and rock the world. The downside? He needs that soul to put into the music he gave everything for. But when Aster joins the band, he feels inspired again—to do everything he can to stop the Devil from coming for her next.

When he tries pushing Aster away to keep her safe, Sebastian starts feeling things he lost and has to figure out how to get his soul back somehow. Meanwhile, Aster will have to defeat the demons in her own head, before she can clash with the Devil to get the band back and save Sebastian’s soul.